Colossi of Memnon

Colossi of Memnon


They are situated at the entrance of the West bank in Luxor about 15 miles from Luxor train station. 

Who built them?

They were built by Amenhotep III known as Memnon in the Greek Period.

Why was it built?

This Funerary temple was built for the funerary ceremonies after the death of the king. 

These two quartz statues represent king Amenhotep III who was associated with Memnon in the greek mythology seated upon his throne which bears the symbols of the Upper and Lower God Nile ?Hapi. They have not always stood where they are today. They once stood before the mud brick pylon of a mortuary temple. Few of its remains can be seen, but its layout has been established from soundings of the area. After the destruction of the Temple, its blocks reused in the construction of the Karnak Temple.