The Hanging Church

The Hanging Church
It was built in the 5th century in the Basilica style, over the remains of the southern gate of the Roman fortress of “Babylon”, in Old Cairo. 
Why was it built? 
It was built to be dedicated to the Virgin Mary and St. Dimiana.
The Hanging Church is considered as the oldest church in the area of Al-Fustat (Old Cairo).
It is known as Al-Muallaqa (the hanging) because it was built on the ruins of two old towers that remained from an old fortress called the Fortress of Babylon.

Al-Muallaqa church dates back to the end of the 3rd century A.D and the beginning of the 4th century A.D. Subsequently it has been reconstructed and renovated several times since. Some historians believe that it was built earlier and perhaps it has been a Roman temple that was later date still, it became a Coptic church.

The church has a rich beautiful antiquities from the early Christian era such as wood carving representing Jesus Christ entering Jerusalem. It houses also about 90 rare icons of basilican style.
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