Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

The biggest adoration complex ever built in the history of mankind .This temple is situated in the East bank to the Northern end of Luxor about 2 miles from Luxor train station.

Who built them?
It was constructed from the beginning of the Middle Kingdom to the Greek ? RomanKingdom. Every king during these periods contributed in the construction of this temple.

Why was it built?
Karnak Temple has three main sacred areas that honor three gods: god Amon Re , goddess Mut and Khonsu, were members of the sacred family known as the Theban Triad.

It is a complicated site with four courtyards. It consisted of:
1- Ten Pylons
2- Ram headed sphinx
3- Kiosk of Taharka
4- Hypostyle hole
5- Templeof Amon-Ra,
6- Templeof Khonso,
7- Sanctuary of Montu,
8- Pylon of Tutmosis III
9- A sacred Lake
10- And many buildings.


The open air museum contains a collection of smaller shrines and temples. This maily illustrates how diverse the karnak area was , and how many options there must have been for the devout.
Perhaps the most attractive to many people, is the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut, which I found impossible to transform into a proper photo. There is an interesting fact that every stone contains an individual design, instead of forming part of a larger design. This has made it difficult to reconstruct the chapel.
The gem of the collection is usually considered to be the white Chapel built by Sesostris 1 of the 12th dynasty , with its excellent high-reliefs. A part from the shrines, the Open Air Museum contains a collection of bits and pieces and just a few complete statues. These are mainly Sekhmet statues from the Temple of Ptah.