Location:The Aquatic Wonderland, Paradise of scuba diving, snorkeling deep sea fishing and underwater photography frequently head for Hurghda on the Red Sea.Hurghada is located on the Red Sea about 330 miles eastern border of Egyptian desert of Cairo and 280 miles east of Luxor. Tourists come to Hurghada enjoy swimming and diving to the beautiful corals and fishes, and enjoy the exquisite underwater aquarium .
A town by mountains, desert, a clean sandy shore and clear blue sea. About three miles south of town is a burgeoning resort area, where visitors are seeking recreation rather than a luxurious life, to help in creating such an atmosphere there are a number of other organizations developing a modern infrastructure of tourism. 
Today, Hurghada has evolved into one of the worlds finest tourist resorts, offering water sports, activities, nightlife,golf and a stunning haven for sun worshippers all year round. 
How to reach Hurghada?

By air :-
Hurghada is reachable from every where by air as Hurghad has an international airport. Or you can arrive at Cairo International Airport & then transferred by bus or domestic flight to Hurghad.
By bus: -There is more than one bus direct from Cairo to Hurghda every day.
Art and History Travel can arrange that for you. 
Hurghada is the major region to be visited in the Red Sea because of its unique beaches. It is also the starting point of deep fishing. Hurghada is definitely unique in itself, because it is the best in the world as a whole where you can enjoy diving, snorkeling and the different water sports and desert Safari .
You are offered the opportunity to make a wonderful excursion aboard one of the nicest boats. There, you can practice all your favorite hobbies of diving and snorkeling .